English Book of Master Chen Bing!

Foundations of Chen Family Taijiquan


Dear Taiji friends and Gongfu Sisters and Brother, We hope that in these difficult days you and your family and students stay well.

We are very happy and excited to let you know that we have completed the work on Master Chen Bing’s book in English, "Foundations of Chen Family Taijiquan". After wondering whether to publish  the book or not in these worrying days, we decided to make the book available now with the consent of our Shifu. He thinks it is a positive sign for our Taiji community as a support.

As we all know Taiji practice helps to improve our immune system and bodily and mental health. We all need to raise our level of energy.

The book can be ordered  on the blurb website from the following link: 

Master Chen bing book on blurb.com

We would like to thank again for the great collaboration of all the people who were involved in this process. 

Good practice and good health to all of you!

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